No matter what you think you are or what you say you are,
the only thing that matters is how others see you.
Listen to the people who look at you, breathe in what inspires them,
look at yourself in their mirror. When you get to know their essence,
you'll know much more about your own.
If there is emotion in your voice, if you bring excitement into other people's lives and if you
ignite passion in those around you, you are unquestionably building an indelible bridge
between the world and yourself. The dream of dreaming brands.
Brands have a soul. Their soul is what makes them
meaningful, what defines their identity, what gives
them life and what determines their growth.
It is what inspires them.
Only by thinking out of the box can you mark your territory,
occupy it and make it exclusive and inviolable.
New technologies have changed the paradigm of communication.
A living brand is a brand that is capable of adapting,
capable of accommodating to the times,
capable of anticipating itself, capable of connecting.
Brands that connect with the emotions
of their audience are those that
succeed in blending into the
consumers' lifestyles.
When a pair of expert hands work on a certain material, each detail
becomes essential and its essence is revealed in every detail.
Your brand leaves an indelible mark.
To think laterally means rephrasing questions,
redefining premises and redrawing the maps through which
syllogisms navigate.
"Lateral Thinking is part of the DNA of The Marketing Factory.
It governs our head, inspires our heart and expresses itself through our hands."